Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chapter three

In this chapter, Jon Ronson discusses the work of Elliot Barker. His talks about the different methods that Barker tried to use to “cure” the psychopaths. He started testing out different methods when he was hired to work at Oak Ridge. His method of therapy was called the Total Encounter Capsule, basically it was a huge room of naked psychopaths talking about their feelings. Barker gave all the participants LSD and they call seemed to be “cured,” but after getting out they all returned back to their old ways.
                I loved reading this chapter!!! I wish the whole book is like chapter three! My favorite part of the chapter is when Lorna talks to her vagina named Katy. It is funny to think of the fact that her vagina even has a name. And how could I not mention Mary the shit lady! I looked up some of her paintings and I think they are interesting. I know this sounds weir but I tried to find a picture of her work she did with feces, but I could not find one. I guess that is a good thing, lol.   

Thursday, September 15, 2011