Monday, November 21, 2011

sex sex sex

I found an article that is about how adolescence learns about sex in the media. One of the main points that I would pull out from the article that the three most common sexual themes are sexual/ romantic relations as competition, men valuing and selecting women on the basis of physical appearance, and sex as the defining act of masculinity. I know this article is reliable because I found it on the university database. I am going to use this point when I write about adolescent learning about sex through television shows.
Chapin, J. (2000). Adolescent sex and mass media: A developmental approach. Adolescence, 35(140), 799-811.
Another article I found is about how the media can be a healthy sex educator. The articles main point is that the media will always be around, and adolescents will always be learning about sex through the media, so the media should present sex in a healthy way. I could use this article if I was trying to prove that sex in the media could also be positive.
Brown, J. , & Keller, S. (2000). Can the mass media be healthy sex educators?. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 32(5), 255-256.

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