Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chapter 4

This chapter was about the psychopath test. It was created by a man name Bob Hare. Bob was doing research on psychopaths by using electric shock, but when it became illegal he had to find an alternative to identifying psychopaths. He came up with 20 questions called the psychopath test. Essentially if someone fails the test they are a psychopath. Jon Ronson tells us of Case Study H, someone who failed the test; he locked up his mother as a young child and enjoyed hearing her cry and takes pleasure in beating people up. Bob says that the reason these people are psychopaths is because there amygdale is not working like a normal persons brain does. At the end of the chapter, Jon Ronson is able to identify psychopaths much easier
This chapter was no fun compared to chapter three! It was interesting to learn about how the psychopath test was created.  But one has to wonder how Bob knows the way that a psychopath would respond, is he a psychopath to?  I think that Bob is not sane himself, he wants to use the electric shock, knowing that causes harm, but he does not care about the way his participants feel; that’s sign of a psychopath.

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