Monday, October 31, 2011


"In 'Something Borrowed,' Gladwell asks where the line should be drawn when it comes to plagiarizing another person’s work. Gladwell tells us of Dorothy Lewis, she is psychiatrist who studies serial killers. Lewis discovered that her words have imitated in a play called “Frozen.” She filed a lawsuit against Bryony Lavery, the woman who wrote the play. Lavery then goes on to explain that she did not think that she was plagiarizing because she considered Lewis’s work as “news.” It is questionable whether she did steal Lewis’s work because she did not copy main thoughts and ideas, she copied quotes that Lewis used from another work and reproduced her work in a way that did not take the whole idea. Gladwell compares this to music, a piece can have the same sound, but it one note is changed then the music is technically not stolen. There are so many artist with so many ideas out there in the world so it is hard to prove original work because there is a possibility that someone else has thought of the same idea.
This article makes me question my work. I am sure, that there is another Linh Trinh out there in the world, which has written the same paper, with the same ideas. It makes me nervous to write this ten-page paper because it would be so simple write the same sentence that has been written by another person.

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