Monday, October 17, 2011

Chapter 6 and 7

This chapter is about a man name Al Dunlap. He is known for firing people and shutting down companies. There once was a company name Sunbeam, but when Al Dunlap became the CEO he shut it down. When Ronson discovered this guy, he went to investigate whether Al Dumlap is psychopathic or not. When he arrived at Al Dunlap’s mansion he sculptures of animal predators in his house. After talking with Al Dumlp, Ronson concluded that Al Dunlap is in fact a psychopath because he fit many of the trait on the psychopath test.  

Chapter 6 was really interesting. It makes me wonder if there really are people like Al Dunlap running huge corporations out there. I think that Al Dunlap is a psychopath. I was appalled by his answers to Ronson’s questions. Chapter 7 was fascinating! I felt really bad for the lady name Deleese! I cannot believe that they use people for entertainment like that!

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